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  • Maureen Hume
    I went from not being able to stand up because of a broken fibula and being unable to bare weight for 6months when I arrived at our wonderful Dudley private hospital in Orange,after tender loving pushing in rehab with our wonderful Physios being watched carefully as I have a rare muscle disease Inclusion Body Myositis which did not like being out of action for 6weeks. I was given bed exercises until I could stand and then actually take a few steps at a time then put to bed to sleep when awake back into gym and more work but all supervised to suit me.After just three weeks and a lot of hard work from Physios and nurses I walked out front door with My walker and a johnnybelt and Mark the main physio ready to grab me if I stumbled.A great effort .My stay was as usual excellent with nursing Physios OT Chefs,kitchen staff and cleaners doing a wonderful caring job.I go back there 2times a week to keep up my progress for gym rehab classes taken by Caz,who watches us all carefully too.I don't know what I would do without this facility to cope with my ever debilitating disease as they all know me so well from my regular rehab live in for at least once a year for 3weeks and twice this year already, great people and hospital.
  • Tania L
    Private hospitals can give you that personal care. Your a person, not just a bed number. Even all the staff, from the kitchen staff, gardeners, cleaners, nurses, doctors and the staff in between always are smiling and will have a chat. The service is more personal. Makes my stay more pleasant even if my procedures aren't. Keep up the great work, and private hospitals should be recognised more often.
  • Bronwyn Millard
    My mother age 78 is in Lake Macquarie Private Hospital Newcastle where she had Open Heart Surgery and expecting to stay in ICU for about four days but unfortunately it took her a while to wake up and come through it all, thinking we were heading in the right direction she then had infection through her pic line so we ended up spending about 2 1/2 weeks in ICU and I would like to thank all the nurses and doctors in ICU for their care and kindness they have shown my mum and I. We are finally up in a ward now and so far they have all been great towards mum as she is very weak and unable to feed herself yet so she is needing a bit more care then the usual patient which does not seem to be a problem for the nurses. We have a very long hard road ahead of us and not sure how long we will be at Lake Macquarie Private before heading to Hunter Valley Private for rehab so I would just like to thank everyone so far that has been involved with mum through out her operation and recovery period it's been very much appreciated.
  • Jacinta Cumming
    Jacinta Cumming, Rockhampton Qld -. I've just this week 12/6 had a total right knee replacement at Brisbane Private Hospital and the facilities, the quality of care and the approachability of all the staff was excellent and of an extremely high standard. My specialist is a person who is committed to high level quality patient care and as a patient I couldn't ask for a better quality experience. Thank you,
  • frank hillman
    Greenslopes Private Brisbane, Had triple bypass and aorta replaced, wife in remission after 12 weeks of chemo C.G.C.C .at Greenslopes also doctor and staff exceptional.
  • B. Torkington
    I was in Wesley Hospital, Brisbane, for a month earlier this year because of sudden acute pancreatitis. The care, consideration, and professionalism from the doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists, diabetes educator, speech therapist, dietician, other medical professionals, as well as the ancillary staff members were wonderful. I was seriously ill, but thanks to the Wesley I can now lead a good quality life, and will always be grateful to them all.
  • Anne-Marie Te Oka
    I work in a private hospital and have recently been a patient in a private hospital and I couldn't compliment the hospital staff enough. From my admission through to surgery, post op. and discharge, everyone was extremely professional and dealt with me in such a pleasant and caring manner that it felt good to experience what we are often promoting.
  • Lesley Stephens 5/15 Tropc Court P
    Wesley Hospital in Brisbane and the incredible Specialists and nursing staff have been such a positive role in my life since a serious accident many years ago. The care and outcomes following multiple surgeries have given me my life back and allow me to be a positive and active member of the community. Without this I would certainly have been at least narcotic dependent and at best an amputee. Thanks to private hospital insurance I was able to seek out and find the very best and live a very full and happy life as a result of that. The Wesley must be among the best in the world when it comes to excellence in care for it's patients.
  • Sally Sullivan
    My husband had an angiogram at John Flynn Hospital Tugan, Dr Guy Wright-Smith was his specialist and he was fantastic... my husband was treated with a great deal of care and respect by Dr. Wright-Smith and the nursing staff... we both were impressed. How lucky we are to have state of the art technology and such talented people taking care of us when we are in need.. Thankyou everyone and John Flynn Hospital.
  • Bill
    I was recently admitted for major bowel surgery then chemotherapy at St John of God Geelong, the care for I received and the support for my family was something I'll value forever. Thanks St. Jacks

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