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  • Vicki
    because without private hospitals we would all wait so long so long so long for surgery!!!! You also get the best of care, from private hospitals & the more you go the same hospital, the more the staff get to know you!! well done!! thanks so much. I can have the choice of my own surgeon. I can also chat to other patients & try to make them smile....
  • Rodney Qualtrough
    my life has been completely rejuvinated because of the attentiveness they paid to my heart elictronic control mechanism not working well, causing me much discomfort and some panic in my life when this event took place. The fast pulsing of my heart was quite bad as i tried to stop it happening. Whilst undergoing a total knee replacement, on about my fourth recovery day one of these events took place. The Doctor had me sent straight to the intensive care section, gave me an injection which was known to negate the awful pulsing action. Over the next few days specialists checked over the condition and gave me the option to have surgery or to take tablets for the rest of my days. I opted for the tablets and have not had an incident since I took that decision. My total knee replacement is working very well and I am very happy with life!! I would like to thank the staff at St Andrews Hospital, Ipswich for their dedicated and attentive service during my stay there
  • Julian*
    Granny was old, and nearing her tether. Mum was concerned and wondering whether, the time had come for a Nursing home, as granny's heart worsened, and we wished her end postponed. A twist of fate, thanks to MBF. A triple bypass operation saw granny bunch comfortably recuperate and escape death.
  • Joey*
    Years of complaining about a misbehaving heart, it was Private Alexander Hospital’s great detective work that discovered I had SVT. These fine professionals answered all my questions in a heartbeat and was treated like V.I.P. on my overnight stay.
  • Alex*
    When I was going into surgery, and I went straight in to the surgeon and get operated, and I could choose my date I wanted to get the operation.
  • Erin*
    I developed a deadly case of meningococcal whilst at another hospital. I then went to a private and received the extra special care that you need as a child. I even had a fantastic nurse who told me I had "Ninja-Coccal!" and am here to tell the tale.
  • Kathryn*
    I was 22 and was due to give birth to my first child. I was registered at the Royal Northshore Private Hospital. The birthing program is simply wonderful and I wouldn't have coped so well if it wasn't for the fantastic staff. A perfect place to start a family!
  • Kylie*
    When my daughter was born last year, the midwives at the Mater in North Sydney were incredibly supportive and kind. For the first 3 days after her birth, I had the same 2 midwives (working 12 hour shifts) which ensured AMAZING continuity of care. I love The Mater.
  • Carmen*
    My brother in a private hospital he had a harelip they were very kind and patient with all of us I was only six years old and I'm now forty eight but I still remember as clear as day they made sure that we were all comfortable.
  • Marilyn*
    After watching my mum sick in a public hospital for months and feeling sorry for her as it was just awful. She was eventually moved to a private hospital with her Health Cover - it was like being moved to a five star hotel. Absolutely worth every penny.

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