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  • Julie-anne*
    Being in a Private Hospital at the time I needed my hysterectomy was the best thing as not only did I get the best Doctor I received excellent care from the nursing staff. In a public hospital I would be nothing less than a number.
  • Ghadir*
    I was 10 years old I ran into the dining table and split the top of my eye open and went to a public hospital and they made us wait in the queue for an hour so my dad took me to a private hospital and they helped me.
  • Gail*
    I have had 4 operations in the last few years at Shellharbour Private Hospital and on each occasion was treated with care and kindness by all the staff. I highly recommend them they are very professional and caring.
  • Tracey*
    Our grandson, Zavier, was born on the 11th Oct 2010. It was fantastic that his parents were able to stay together for the 5 days in hospital. This enabled his dad to feel special and Zavier's mum adjusted faster to being a new mum. Thanks Mercy Hospital!
  • Corinne*
    Dad needed a Lumbar Laminectomy. He was worried. He didn't know how much longer he could cope with such immense pain. Luckily, St Vincents hospital admitted him within a fortnight!! The awesome staff looked after him so well, he was able to get out of bed the very next day!
  • Kate*
    I was at Baulkham Hills Private Hospital to have my tonsils taken out. An overnight procedure. This is the first time I have ever slept the night through at a hospital!! I was so relaxed going in and felt rested leaving the next morning.
  • Ailsa*
    I had my baby boy Christopher at Glengarry Private Hospital in WA this April. I went private for my second child. What a difference I had superb service. I stayed an extra night in comparison to begging to be let out early. It was fantastic.
  • Sam*
    I was only 11 at the time but at President Private in Gymea I was made to feel comfortable by the nurses (they let me stay longer as I had trouble waking up from the anaesthetic).
  • Karen*
    Due to a nervous breakdown I was admitted to SJOG. The nursing staff went way beyond their job description to make patients feel understood, & appreciated for who they were. Public Psych hospital admissions are more likely to push a person over the edge as they treat people like a number.
  • Ashlea*
    I am currently an inpatient at Delmont Private in Victoria. They have quite literally saved my life. I was in a downward spiral and had gotten to the point where I felt suicide the only option. The wonderful staff here have never given up on me.

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