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  • Catherine
    Fullarton Private Hospital in Adelaide, has saved my life many times.
  • Maree Whitaker
    My husband Brett had a massive heart attack on the 16th, August. Taken by ambulance to John Flynn Hospital he received immediate care and was stented wihin two hours. Medical and Nursing staff were fast, efficient and extremely caring of him. Unfortunately there were complications and he was transferred to ICU where he has been for the last 19 days. The ICU Director, Dr Derek Chu, and the dedicated team of Nurses there have been amazing. I truly believe he would not be alive today if he was in another Hospital. His diagnosis was difficult as it was a rare complication of a heart attack. Dr Derek Chu was the one who diagnosed Brett. I would just like to say a big Thank You to Dr Chu and all the caring Nurses who go beyond there job description to ensure the patients have the best possible outcome.
  • Duncan
    Simple day surgery at Armidale Private was actually a delight. Attention to even the simplest detail made my short stay memorable. Thanks
  • Louisa
    As a psychiatric patient, I have been turned away from public hospitals on three occasions. I have also heard horror stories about the level of care in public psychiatric wards. So for me, being able to access private psychiatric clinics has been a major part of my recovery. I now stay at the hospital once a month for respite, which is something I would never be able to do in a public hospital. The private clinic has a really high standard of care and very friendly staff who are not rushed or over-worked. It is a haven for me, an "asylum" in the old sense of the word.
  • Julia Hoy, Kooralbyn, Qld
    I recently had a 4 day stay in the John Flynn @ Tugun. The care was excellent. Pre-op was caring and comfortable and once in my room the nursing care was exceptional. It was lovely to be able to recover in my own room with a view worth a million dollars. The food was 5 star. Well presented and very tasty, which is important when one is recovering from surgery. It almost felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. Definitely home from home. Thank you to all the staff @ John Flynn, from the bottom of my heart, you all made my recovery easier, from the cleaner, tea lady to the nurses and doctors
  • Gabrielle Lambert
    St. George Private hospital has provided the best care to my elderly mother and to my nieces in Maternity. Calvary hospital cared many times for my mother and friends with terminal illnesses. I have been in St. Vincent's Private Hospital needing care after open heart surgery in the public hospital. My grandchildren were all safely and happily born in private hospitals in Hurstville, Sydney, and in Qld. Medical support has been excellently comparitive with the public system of which I have more experience ( most gratefully so). Nursing staff have been most capable and cheerfully encouraging and attentive. It is a matter of choice and timely access and respect. It is unpleasant for some patients to be in a mixed sex ward although this seems necessary in some public hospitals. Staff in public hospitals are over-worked so funding counts for a lot of service. I bless the public hospitals and wish well to the private ones. With gratitude for all the care in each type. They are necessary partners and mutually appreciated. I do wonder about the claim of emergency services being available at private hospitals?
  • Kate
    ours is so close to where we live....Stirling Hospital Adelaide Hills. FANTASTIC services and visited by ALL our specialist medical professionals. Only problem is a shortage of short-term parking spaces dedicated for patient pick-up or drop-off.
  • Karren
    They provide the best care it's like home away from home but with expert attention to detail, I would not be without private health
  • Joy Cole
    I have needed many day procedures as well as several admissions of longer stays in hospital this past year. I have been so pleased with the care and the personal interest of all the staff at both Ringwood Private and Knox Private Hospitals (suburbs of Melbourne) , I was also grateful for their having a bed immediately when needed. I believe that everyone should have that same level of care and that the public healthcare system should be equal to that of a private system, However, that does not seem possible. Perhaps the Australian public/private dual system is a practical compromise.
  • Kate
    without them I would still be suffering incredible pain and disability. I have early onset osteoarthritis and have had two surgeries in private hospitals, a trapeziectomy 7 years ago on my left hand and two days ago a hip resurfacing. if I had to wait for treatment in the public hospital system I would still be waiting for the first procedure. We need the private system. the level of care and attention and help that is given in rehabilitation is wonderful.. thank you

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