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  • Jenny*
    Cabrini Malvern privacy, door to shut, lovely food, kind caring staff, respect, allowed to sleep in room with my terminally ill husband for 10 days.
  • Renae*
    Living in a regional area where the public hospital is an absolute nightmare our beautiful private hospital is a wonderful thing.
  • Kerrie*
    Private hospitals were there for me when my three children were all born early. When I had asthma so bad they thought I would die and my lifesaving lapband operation, which has changed and is still changing my life for the better. The quality of care is amazing!!!
  • Polina*
    I used to dream about being in the state team but three weeks before the last trial I became very ill. I was unbearably disappointed. Luckily, Australian private hospitals made me well again. My dream came true and the hard work payed off. I am eternally grateful.
  • Louise-Anne*
    There was a time, four years ago, when a private hospital helped me so. St Luke's, in Launceston, provided great care and made a difficult time easier to bear.
  • Chanelle*
    My mum, after suffering pains for a long time, went in to Nepean Private Hospital to have a hysterectomy. Living away from home I was unable to care for her myself, so knowing she was in good hands with sufficient staff and resources was an enormous comfort.
  • Michelle*
    I recently had spinal surgery, and was quite nervous as to how the surgery would effect myself and my family. The staff at the Epworth, Richmond provided me with exeptional care and enabled me to have my family there for support by going out of their way to help!
  • Cathy*
    My daughter had to have facial surgery for her teeth. She went to Knox Private Hospital for the procedure. The staff were wonderful, caring . Without private coverage, she would have been on the waiting list for 5 years. Not good for a young attractive girl. Thanks Knox Hospital and PeopleCare.
  • Katherine*
    My OB diagnosed my baby's chromosomal disorder. The private hospital saw us through genetic counselling, specialist referrals and gave us the loving birth we needed with Drs/ midwives on hand to watch our new son's delicate progress. The hospital's referrals have made the difference in his ongoing therapy. Thanks!
  • Hugh*
    Much to my opponents glee. I had twisted my knee. Reconstruction was required, to minimize the pain I had acquired. Memorable it turned out to be, the patient next door was a famous soccer goalie! With surgery through the public system, I’d still be waiting, rather than rehabilitating.

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