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  • Claire Lewis
    I value Berkley Vale Private Hospital because they are taking wonderful care of my husband who looks healthier than he has for a long time because of the care and attention given.
  • Yvonne Armstrong
    Because I have always received the most professional, competent and friendly care when needing treatment from a colonoscopy, angiogram through to spinal surgery. I am grateful to be able to access private hospital care.
  • Edward Borton, 1/10 Hillcrest ave Highett 3190
    I've had three surgeries and a day surgery. Two of the surgeries were in two different private hospitals. The quality of care in both private hospitals was higher and more satisfying to me as a patient than the public hospital surgeries. I ask why members of parliament and public servants consider themselves as qualified as private hospitals to own and operate hospitals; I urge parliaments to commission independent regular reviews to highlight this question
  • Dorothee
    Private hospitals are one of the most valuable enitities that a country can have. It's not a choice it's a must!!! Any modern and first world country like Australia should have as many Private Hospitals as possible. In my opinion Australia doesn't have enough still. It's legging behind in that matter. Thanks to Greenslopes Private, I was operated in no time on an advanced ovarian cancer which saved my life.
  • Jennifer Barrett
    The Sydney Adventist Hospital in Wahroonga NSW saved my father's life. After being rushed to Mona Vale Hospital by ambulance on a Saturday night with suspected meningitis they couldn't do anything for him until Monday. We took matter's into our own hands and drove him to the emergency room at SAH, they worked on him immediately, diagnosed within three hours and started treatment. As it turns out they estimate he only had about 5-6 days left to live, if it wasn't for private hospitals I'd be burying him this week.
  • Rex
    I recently underwent surgery at Hollwood Private Hospital in Nedlands and was most impressed by the staff. Prior to this I was of the opinion that hospitals were similar to western airlines where the service was subject to the attitude of the staff at that time Unlike many Asian airlines where the service is always very good. The staff at Hollwood won my respect with the consistant happy attentative care, thank you. You won a heart.
  • hiteshprajapati83@yahoo.com
    I had my sinus operation done in few days without waiting for months on the waiting list in public hospital. the amount of passion they provide for the services is great.
  • Alan
    I like private hospitals for lots of reasons some of which are|- Usualy no waiting list I can choose my own doctor Privacy more nurses to patient ratio better follow up after discharge
  • Susanne Donoghue
    My father has been in Tamara private hospital on 3 occasions recently and twice in the public system. The level of care received in Tamara has far exceeded that of the public system.
  • Emma Sydney West NSW
    Every time I have needed an operation I have my choice of doctor and no waiting period I could get it done straight away in private The care in hospital by nurses you can very much tell you are in private they care about you and their job and you always feel at ease that you are looked after and are not trying to be pushed out because they need the bed Im so glad I can afford private health cover but may question this if govt rebate is reduced as I like having extra security however if I both pay medicare and private health cover why should I still be out of pocket the gaps

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