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  • Deb*
    After some devastating news my husband rushed me to our local hospital with chest pains. I was immediately transferred to the Private Hospital's Cardiac Care Unit where I received the most caring and professional support. I hadn't had a heart attack but they ensured I went home fully fit.
  • Peter*
    Three years ago I had my third heart attack. I was rushed to John Flynn Medical Centre on the Gold Coast. I had a stent fitted. If I didn't have private hospital cover, I would have ended up in Brisbane General Hospital and died.
  • Penny*
    Norwest Hospital did every test known to man for my severe stomach pain I had a few months ago. So thorough and professional and kind staff. I felt better leaving the hospital knowing I was going to be ok
  • Kristy-Anne*
    After being in and out of hospital 8 times in 2 years,the environment and the people at the private hospital which I go to is very comforting. Bad experience in a public hospital means unless I have no control I won't go there. I wouldn't be here without them.
  • Rowena*
    When my grandparents became ill both received that absolute best of care. Attitude from nurses to doctors to the tea person was kind and caring and so individual. It made the whole family feel as though those two very important people were in the safest hands.
  • Jessica*
    The birth of our little girl was a very special time for both my husband and myself. Being in a private hospital made it even more special my husband was allowed to stay and share those first very special days.
  • Ivan*
    My grandmother had a heart attack last month at the age of 90, she had private coverage and exited the hospital only 4 days later and is perfectly fit, washing her clothes, gardening like nothing was wrong. She has more energy than people half her age.
  • Natalia*
    My mum had my brother in a private clinic where she had the option of having a water birth. She said it was the best experience and the best service.
  • Laura-Beth*
    My Grandma's hips were very bad. The next year after getting private health cover she finally got her surgery done. She had been on the public system for up to five years deteriorating more each year. Now she hosts our Christmas dinners again, all because of private hospitals.
  • Lynette*
    The waiting list at public hospital was so long and I was in such discomfort with haemeroids it was great to be seen more promptly.

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