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  • Mark Rushton
    I have been a paraplegic for 4 years now, having undertaken major spinal surgey on 2 occasions, once in May 2007 and the second time round in October 2010. Following brief admissions to RNSH Sydney, I was transferred to public health rehabilitation centres for lengthy rehabilitation. Whilst the staff did their best in these facilities to provide a high standard of care, the rehab environment was run down, the food appalling and staff morale on the whole was extremely low...which of course impacted directly on staff consistency and the inevitable occassional sub-standard care was the outcome. This time, I was fortunate not to undergo further surgery and spent the past 2 weeks in Mount Wilga Private Hospital, Hornsby (Sydney) and found the standard of care to be excellent. I have finally experienced a centre of excellence where I have felt comfortable, and confident in all aspects of the holistic concept of care provided to me. The food is excellent and no stone has been left unturned in my overall care. Most importantly I feel those most basic needs of feeling valued and respected as a patient/client have been met. Congrats to all staff concerned as you have made my third lengthy hospitalisation a positive experience. I look forward to my coming discharge home but would not hesitate to refer your hospital to any of my friends for a high standard of care.
  • Vicki
    without the private hospital system, I would not have had my surgery when I did, I would not have recovered as well as I did nor would I have been cared for as well as I have been....the staff are wonderful.... thank you. When I walk into my local private hospital, the staff know me!! I do not want to experience the public system the awful stories.....thank you Westmead Private Hospital!!!!
  • Sarah H
    My family has received excellent care at the Sydney Adventist Hospital. My husband has recently been ill and all the staff in emergency and on the wards are very caring, knowledgeable and professional. It is a state-of-the-art hospital with the best care available. Thank you! [Can't even compare with the public hospitals - just don't have the time or funding to cope with the volume of people using the system to give patients an adequate diagnosis and proper care].
  • Jon H. - Melbourne, Vic
    Without private hospitals our public system would break. I have had experiences in both public and private and there is just no comparison with the turn-around on surgery, the level of care & support you receive, and the professionalism when dealing with private hospitals and their staff. No waiting, no inconveniences, no concerns - private is the only way to go.
  • Jim Dugan
    My wife has had 14 surgery's in the past 5 years. If we did not have private insurance and private hospitals she would be in heaps of trouble. Her care has always been great and the staff have been very caring. I am sure she would still be on a waiting list if we when publice. I would like to thank all those who work at the SAN, nurse, wards men, cleaners and office staff.
  • D.Duffy
    Yesterday at Kareela I experienced the most pleasant and professional way that patients are treated in every sense of the word, as did my elderly mother inrespite care recently. Keep up the good work. I only wish you could add aged care to your bow.
  • robbie and pete
    we have a choice of doctor and the facilities are excellent. we have receivied excellent care at the sydney adventist hospital and our local forster private. keep up the good work.
  • Sally Carew, Auckland, NZ.
    My daughter has been at Baringa Private Hospital in Coffs Harbour NSW for over a month and has received the very best of care. The Doctors, Nursing staff and Physiotherapists have been wonderful, even the ladies in the kitchen have gone out of their way to make us feel welcome. Thank you all for the tremendous work you do.
  • Martin
    I experienced a great mix of efficiency and personal care at the Sydney Adventist Hospital.
  • Matthew Gudde
    Thankyou to Caboolture Private Hospital for sharing their hospitality and knowledge at a luncheon for Caboolture Public Hospital staff today. I look forward to continuing our partnership in providing health care to our local community.

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