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  • Sarah
    At The Avenue in Windsor I felt like I was the most important patient. Looking around I see that staff are doing what they can to make EVERYONE feel that way. Love the chickpea and vegetable curry!
  • Nicolette
    We have choices of surgeons as well as preferred loactiions. No waiting time. Freedom of choice. Private hospitals are cleaner, more efficient and provide high standards of care.
  • Anne
    the focus is on you as a person - whether you are a patient, relative, doctor or employee they make sure your needs are not just met but exceeded. A hospital that excels at this is Hollywood Private Hospital in Perth WA. AMAZING!
  • Claudia
    They have the physical and human resources available to give top quality, timely service
  • Julie Ryan
    You have a voice and most importantly you have a choice.
  • Margaret
    Private hospitals focus on high standards of patient care, like in Sydney Adventist Hospital. Patients feel looked after with utmost care and dignity. Without private hospitals to take part in the training of new doctors and nurses, the health system will collapse. Sydney Adventist Hospital works collaborately with academics in medicine and pursues excellence in advanced medical technology and procedures.
  • Catherine
    they fill the gap where public hospitals just dont provide service
  • Linley Shields
    I value private hospitals because there is an emphasis on staff development - to be the best professional possible- as we deliver care to our clients. Every individual employee is encouraged to think about their contribution to the care experience, and pursue excellence. I love being a nurse educator in this kind on environment.
  • Agnes J Esak
    I value private hospital because it has a community focus. The Sydney Adventist Hospital really cares for the patients and their families. We celebrate diversity here and are person centered in our approach to care. Staff are friendly and approachable. There a many services available including spritual health care. This is important for clients who need spritual support. Most importantly the edudational needs are met for all staff. The oppurtunity is there for us to go for it.
  • Trudy & Zarny
    We find working at Manningham Day Procedure Centre, Melbourne, Victoria fulfilling and fun. There is a strong team spirit which influences our patient care in a positive way. We pride ourselves on delivering a high level of patient care at all times, and our patient feedback reflects the positive atmosphere and level of care given.

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