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  • Matt*
    While on holidays, my friend dived head first into a swimming pool and split his head open badly.Not knowing what to do we took him to a private hospital and they helped us out enormously, taking care of our friend and letting us get back to enjoying our holiday.
  • Melissa*
    After my accident I was left very frightened, vulnerable, scared and uncertain of what the future held for me. The private hospital I rehabilitated in helped me feel I wasn't alone and gave me every comfort I could have asked for to get me through a terrifying time.
  • Greer*
    I injured my right knee (torn PCL ligament). Luckily I had Private health insurance so I could get in quickly to see the best knee surgeon in Queensland. I am certain that the timing and quality of my surgery has vastly improved the condition of my knee.
  • Anna*
    Yesterday was my very first hospital stay and A nurse at Hunters Hill Private blew me away With her warmth and smile she had such a kind soul And when I woke from surgery she gave me a yummy icypole
  • Kate*
    After being told I would not fall pregnant without assistance I had an elective op to remove endometriosis at Epworth Melbourne and I was pregnant within 1 month! My dreams have come true!
  • Kara-lee*
    After giving birth to my daughter her elder brother noticed we were in a 'private hospital' for delivery. He looked at his dad and very seriously said "Well lucky that was in private imagine mum doing that in public"! LOL Still makes me laugh to this day!
  • Sherie*
    My husband has a serious heart condition. Whenever his heart is playing up we can always get specialist care and quality care by going to Holy Spirit Hospital. He is always seen straight away, putting him and our family at ease.
  • Narelle*
    It made a difference to be in a private hospital when I had my babies and we could stay in a private room and my hubby could stay and help me through the 3rd day baby blues in our nice big comfy double hospital bed!!
  • Laura*
    Visiting friends in hospital is never nice, But I felt like a star with a cocktail and ice! Clean and no waiting around, Our friend was easily found! Sadly, there’s still that yukky hospital smell, But we were told her food was swell!
  • Sean*
    My sister had a terrible bout of pneumonia that put her in hospital for two weeks. In a private hospital she had a private room, and a parent or brother with her almost round the clock. In a public hospital, we couldn't have spent so much time with her.

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