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  • voodoo
  • Yvonne Evers
    I value private hospital because I can receive treatment when I need it. I have lupus fibro myalgia and a few other auto immune problems and can count on quick and thorough treatment each and every time by specialists. It is of great comfort to be treated so well when feeling so ill. I am currently in green slopes private and have been treated with expertise and efficiency. The nursing Staff are wonderful. Effecient and kind. I couldn't hope for better treatment and I am very grateful I came here Thank you Greenslopes quad. Thank you Greenslopes
  • Angus, Broadmeadows
    my experience at both The Avenue hospital in Windsor and the Royal Melbourne Private hospital have been excellent. The attention to detail and the timely care I received is in stark contrast to the stories I have been told by friends and family who have endured time in our public system. It seems to me that the private hospitals actually train their staff to perform their roles whereas public system seems to provide rules but not training to their new staff.
  • Sally, Sydney
    I am a partner of a person with bipolar. More private hospitals need the capability to care for bipolar patients in a manic phase. The public system treats them like criminals and confuse them with drug addicts. They need space to exercise and from what I've seen they are confined to a small ward and locked in. Exercise like playing basketball running etc would really help them get rid of the pent up energy. Nurses need better training and also more time off I've seen nurses treat patients very unfairly and drug them to a point where they are zombies.
  • Anonymous
    the care I received at Lake Macquarie Private Hospital in April and May this year, 2016, was absolutely phenomenal! I will always appreciate it! A big thank you to all of the Doctors and staff, especially in the ICU and Cain Ward. Thank you!!!!
  • Peter, Gunns Plains
    the service was very professional and personal. The staff at the Burnie Hospital were very supportive in my time of need. Thanks
  • NC
    I would like to say a few words of sincere gratitude for the excellent attention received at the Western Comm Hosp SA recently. I was very anxious about a health problem and required an urgent appt. Each person I spoke to, including the doctor, could not have been more helpful and caring in their efforts to assist me even though they were attending to many others that same day.They always are kindly there but this day I needed their caring more than ever. I consider myself so lucky to be able to go there when I have the need.
  • Carolyn salisbury of Adelaide
    I get a very specific service from people who are dedicated to my cause. If I had to wait for the public system I would have suffered so much more and received help that was second rate or worse because the medical personnel,working for me would have been who ever was available, best qualified at the time not my choice of the best in South Australia. I am so happy to choose who I want when I want. Public hospitals are for those who can't afford or don't care about achieving the best outcome for their health.
  • Anonymous
    My wife and I are 60 now and both appreciate that we can have things attended to without long waiting lists. We have both maintained private health insurance from when we were 15, so private treatment is not an expensive option, even though we're not wealthy. Barrie Price
  • Robyn Currey, Cooranbong NSW
    I was in Gosford Private earlier this month (June 2014) and was very grateful to have such wonderful care from the staff, who made me feel so much better. There was no delay in getting in for my procedure, for which I am extremely glad to have had done quickly, and put my mind at rest.
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