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  • Andrew B. Hobart
    Am sitting in Hobart Private Hospital waiting room for 5 hours having been required to "check in" at 12.30 p.m for a 20 to 40 minute procedure. Just as bad as the public system but with a 250 extra cost. Next time it is back to the public system
  • David Scott - Toongabbie
    They really take care of is and you can trust them no matter what
  • Aleksandra
    I don't know what the best solution is to the rinisg cost of healthcare services or the rinisg cost of healthcare insurance premiums but I certainly do not believe that denial of healthcare services based on the ability to pay is a humane solution. The biggest problem seems to be that those who do not have healthcare insurance and are unable to pay for healthcare services are going to hospital emergency rooms for treatment of minor illnesses and routine care. I think maybe government-sponsored free clinics with healthcare services paid for by Medicaid might relieve the overcrowded hospital emergency rooms and move those who are unable to afford healthcare insurance and unable to pay for healthcare services to a healthcare facility where the cost of treating indigent patients is much less than at hospital emergency rooms. Those government-sponsored free clinics can easily be established at hospital out-patient clinics and staffed by licensed nurse practitioners under the supervision of a physician. I think it is the excessive cost of treating indigent patients for minor illnesses and routine care at hospital emergency rooms is what is largely responsible for rinisg healthcare insurance premiums because the hospital losses for treating indigent patients is passed on in higher cost of treating those patients who do have healthcare insurance.
  • Anonymous
    The Sydney Clinic in Bronte really needs some reform. Totally counter-productive in the way they treat patients. I recommend trying any else first.
  • R.Owens
    I've had a knee replacement and then went into baulkham hills private for rehab . It is the WORST hospital ever. Staff are the worst., they can't do dressings, ask them to change your linen you get shouted at, and you dare not ring the busser for your pain medication you might get it 1 hour later never will I go to that hospital again
  • Susan Mitchell
    Having private health insurance generally ensures prompt medical care. However, I think the nursing care is substandard compared to a public hospital.
  • Stephen Bowler
    13 Feb 2012 I do value private hospitals, that's why we pay a lot of money into a private health fund. However my recent stay at Steathfeild Private Hospital,from the 12th December 2011 for 7 days, following heart surgery, was so bad that I wouldn't recomend this hospital to anyone. I can't falt the surgery and the great job that the surgen and his teem performed, it was the care given to me in I.C.U. that is my worst memary. I have had many ops that requierd general anesthetic and this was the first time the E.T tube was removed from my throat while i was so conscious it was a nightmare. The staff made no attempted, aspecialy at night, to be quiet. I tell people that I didn't sleep for three days due to the noise. I remember only one nurse, a male, who did his job well in ICU. A big well done to Vincent. I think next time I'll go to RPA if I need anything done. At change of shift a Nurse would poke her head in the door and say "I'm looking after you this shift" never to be seen again. I did, however, recieve good care form about five Nurse during my stay, Joseph also gets a big well done. I am an Enrold Nurse, so I think I have a good idear of what nurseing care is all about. Sorry to be negative but the standard I expected just wasn't there.
  • SF
    Most of the staff at North Shore Private Hospital in Sydney are great however if you do have a problem avoid the director of clinical services and the CEO like the plague. They bury complaints and antagonize sick people.
  • Edna
    I don't mind private hospitals as long as i get the best care that i deserve especially when i'm paying hefty healthy insurance premiums. But, my experience in Brunswick Private Hospital was the worst I ever had! Not only was the nursing poor and inconsiderate to my needs, I had to listen to the director of nursing (who wouldnt stop talking and would laugh at inappropriate times) come up with all sorts of excuses as to why my treatment wasnt up to standard. I also found out the allied health team was understaffed with relatively inexperienced physio and occupational therapist. That's right, there was only one of each, with a few assistants trying to look after over 40 to 50 clients. - A ridiculous rehab team! I often was missed out on proper treatment due to this. For the icing on the cake, I found out the CEO is a 30ish year old accountant by profession! No wonder there are cost cutting in service and staff. Accountants from my experience are only concerned about cost cutting and making money. This explains a lot about the place. I would also often hear staff talk about bullying in the workplace from managers, which became quite concerning to me! My advice - go somewhere else! PATHETIC!
  • Maria Martino
    I don't value private hospitals. I would have to say that the treatment received in The Cairns Private hospital is the worst ever experienced. The staff are rude and unfriendly. They never come when the buzzer is pressed and don't care whether you are in pain or about to pass out from pain. I will never ever go to or have any of my family members go to the cairns private hospital ever again!!!!
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